These study notes are intended for those who desire to see more of Holy Spirit at work in their lives but who have blocks, inhibitions, and questions about His ministry in and through them.


We all face a range of blocks that tend to impede our spiritual progress. Some are theological blocks, others are reactions to misuses or extremes that offend us, but regardless of what others have done, we must decide what kind of Spirit-filled Christian we are going to be and not let the short-comings of others determine how will we honor the Lord as good stewards of the grace of God.


This material was also written for those who are not always satisfied with their own level of openness to the Holy Spirit and His power in your life. It is also for those who and find themselves asking questions like...


- Will I settle for a watered-down version of the Holy Spirit, or do I expect Him to be the same Holy Ghost with power that I see in the Bible?


- Do I rewrite the definition of power because I am not able to obtain it, or do I push beyond my comfort level and limited understanding in order to experience what the people in the Bible experienced?


- Will I feign being spirit-filled, when He is not flowing in an obvious way?


- Has God been holding back the Holy Spirit's power, or have I?


It is time to lay a fresh Biblical foundation under our faith so we can step out and experience more of what God wants for us. We need more of God’s power to undo and outdo the works of darkness, which is hurting those around us. Let's explore these questions and others that come up as we study this important subject together.


This Study Guide was also written to help those who have been given the Holy Spirit to know hoe to impart Him to others.

The Promise and Priority of the Holy Spirit


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