We all go through lots of warfare and are often in conflict with people. If you are looking for a gift that will give life to someone who has been going through it, especially your pastor, I recommend that you have us send them the following books this holiday season:


1. Jesus in Warfare was written with pastors in mind. As I studied Jesus' life from a spiritual warfare point of view, I noticed how He was in constant warfare from conception to the cross, but He navigated it with grace and taught His disciples how to do the same.


2. Stopping the Mouths of Lions is a book that addresses how the war that takes place in our heads. I not only describe what it is like but gives proven ways to deal with whatever the enemy has been saying to us in the fog of war.


3. Communion on the Moon is a revelation that has helped change the way I see people, especially my beloved enemies. While I don’t take communion to remember what Jesus did for me, I do take it to remember what He did for those who don’t like me.


4. Levels of Forgiveness is a concept that the Lord gave me after a challenging time in my life and ministry, which probably saved both. People are buying these six and eight copies at a time because of the powerful and practical revelation it contains.


Pastors Bundle


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