Perhaps you received this online study course as a gift from someone who wanted to feed you, because you feed others. Or perhaps you got it for yourself because you are hungry. Either way, it is my goal to exceed your expectations. 


I will be adding one of my books to the shelf at the beginning of each month for 12 months. These books were written especially with pastors in mind and cover a range of subjects from an angle you may not have thought of before. 


Take our online Discipleship Course this Winter. 


If you can’t come to us this winter, we can bring our study course to you. 


You will have unlimited access to all of our discipleship ebooks to study online, watch videos of our live teaching that we film fresh each day, and be periodically evaluated on Zoom, so there is some built in accountability. The cost is much less than if you attended in person for the 3 month course taught here in Penn Yan.


The course will begin on January 11, but in the meantime, we will send you a link to where you will take it along with some assignments and a free ebook to get you started.

Discipleship Course 2021


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