Your Feelings Don't Matter

Your feelings are real, but they are not always true.

In terms of spiritual stability, one of the biggest mistakes I made—and tend to make, and often see others making—is concluding that our feelings are true. If we feel it, it must be real, right? But because our feelings can easily be manipulated and can fluctuate so wildly, they are not a very accurate spiritual barometer. Just go on a roller coaster ride, and you will have more feelings pass through your brain inside of five minutes than you can handle. One second, you’re thinking you’re going to be flung off the ride, the next you’re convinced you’re going to have a heart attack and die, and then you tell everyone that it was the best experience of your life. Yet, none of your feelings are true. More than likely, you weren’t thrown off the ride, you’re still living after having ridden it, and you will live to have even better experiences in your life.

Take a minuteto consider the range of feelings we put ourselves through each time we watch a movie. At first, we feel kind of excited as anticipation grows, but then as we get further into the movie, we may become a bit bored until some action or plot twist shocks or scares us. Soon, a little humor is used to relieve us of the fear just produced. We may chuckle a little or laugh uproa