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I suspect that one of the reasons we Christians become bored with our faith is because we are not giving away what we have been given.This leads to spiritual death. There are a number of ways to die. We could die from some tropical disease, we could die through persecution, or we could die in a plane crash on our way to some foreign land. The worst kind of death I can imagine, however, is death by pew. God intended us to become life-giving beings. This is true for our churches as well.

When I talk about becoming a life-giving church, I am not just talking about being hardy enough to grow in a hard place. I am speaking of allowing Christ’s life to flow through us so it can be multiplied and passed along to others. 

In Acts 20:35, when Jesus told Paul that it was more blessed to give than to receive, He wasn’t talking about money only; He was talking about giving away anything that we have freely received. When we consistently give away this life, we can consistently experience the blessing of God.Often times, we only appreciate what we have been given when we see how it impacts others. Paul mentioned this in his letter to Philemon:

I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. (1:6 NIV)

From our church’s very beginning, WellSpring has actively endeavored to share the life we have received with those in our community of Penn Yan, the extended region of the Finger Lakes, and beyond. I don’t think our church is so special that it warrants an entire book written about it, but I did want something written out that would help those who are new to our church assimilate into WellSpring more quickly by answering the questions they often ask. I also thought it would help those who are trying to plant a new church based on our model to understand all that goes into a church like ours. People often ask how they can have the life they see in our church. Others ask how they can get a church like WellSpring to grow in their area. This study guide was written to answer these questions. 

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