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This book was written to help men step up and become the spiritual leaders of the home. Along the way it answers questions about the head covering, women being silent in church, and so much more.


This is now available in print.

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This study guide is over 100 pages in length and is now available as a study course.

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As I looked back upon a string of broken relationships, where we once enjoyed some close koinonia, I saw where my anger contributed to the breakdown. It stemmed largely from my being judgmental of them, saying things about them that I would not have said to them.  I have also been misjudged in return, which was not only painful, but contributed to my wanting to end these relationships.  I have found that being judgmental will kill a marriage, split a church, and ruin relationships, often before they have a chance to grow.

This study guide is over 100 pages in length and is now available as a study course.

A New Book Available

Allow me to introduce you to some truly great quests that are worth giving yourselves too. These are goals that will always hold your interest, will change your life, and perhaps even the lives of others – while providing all the adventure you could ever need.


    In the process, this Study Guide will help you to know how to discern God’s will, how to discern God’s voice from all the other voices, and the importance of having a God-given vision for your life.

This book is available both in print and as an eBook.

This study guide is over 100 pages in length and is now available as a study course.

What Jesus Said About


I offer a 10 Week Course

on how to handle stress


Jesus said a lot about stress especially for those who were living in the last days. This course deals with the sources of stress and gives practical things you can do to reduce it.

Freedom From Porn

A 30-Day Course

This study is based upon my book

Shipwrecked on the Way to Heaven

and contains truth that can set you free, videos that will inspire you, and incentives to finish the course in 30 days.

Ask me about special group rates, for small group studies or a group you would like to take through the course. Significant discounts are available.

Dry Time Study 


6 Books in 3 Months  

This study course contains my eBooks about to get the most of the season you are in. It contains 6 powerful books that have helped me stay the course. This season will not last, so let's get the most out of while we can.

Ask me about special group rates, for small group studies or a group you would like to take through the course. Significant discounts are available.

The Pastor's Desk

Get 12 eBooks over

12 Months

Your pastor has been feeding you, now you can feed them. We will send them 12 eBooks written with pastors in mind. They will be notified each month that a new book awaits them. This is a great gift idea anytime of year.

This Book is now available in print...

This book is at the printers now... but you can order it today and we will mail your copy to you hot off the press... or you can get an eBook version now to see what it is all about.

This book contains a number of insights that I have never seen before in other books about revival.


It is a practical perspective, containing relevant revelation!

This booklet is about 90 pages in length and is now available for $10.00


This eBook is now available

According to Hebrews 6:1-3, repentance is one of the most elementary doctrines of the church, yet as a pastor, I am often surprised by how little people seem to know about real repentance.I cannot remember the last time I heard it clearly laid out clearly in a sermon, other than to say that we should do it. While we have become fairly good at acknowledgingour sins, but we are not that great at repenting. I often hear Christians acknowledging wrongdoing, both to God, to themselves, and sometimes even to each other, but if repentance were a mile-long journey down the road, acknowledgment would only be the first step; asking for forgiveness would be another step, but neither of these are all there is to repentance.

Christians often confuse the issues of asking for forgiveness with repentance. The proof that we have not repented lies in the fact that we repeatedly ask God for forgiveness while continuing to do what we have acknowledged as being wrong in the first place. In Luke 3:1-14, John described repentance as doing the opposite of what they were doing wrong.


    In this little booklet, we explore what repentance looks like in real life. You may find that the reason we keep doing what we are doing is because we have not repented in the first place. 


This book is being printed now ...

How to Receive the Baptism With the Holy Spirit and Give Him Away to Others 


This study guide was written for those who desire to see more of Holy Spirit at work in their lives but who have blocks, inhibitions, and questions about the baptism with the Holy Spirit.  


We all face a range of blocks that impede our spiritual progress. Some blocks are theological in nature, while others are reactions to all the misuses or extremes we have witnessed in the church; regardless of what others have done, we must decide for ourselves what kind of Spirit-filled Christian we are going to be. Let’s not allow the offences and short-comings of others to determine if we will honor His work in our lives or not.


One of my goals in writing this book was to help Christians know how to impart the Holy Spirit to others. Too many times we are looking for that elusive “pick-me-up”, but the flow of life is found in giving away what we have been given. One of our priorities should be sharing the wonderful Holy Spirit with those around us, just as it was a priority in the ministry of the disciples after the Day of Pentecost.

This beautifully printed Study Guide is 144 pages in length with space for your 
own margin notes.

Ask about my Spirit-filled life series.... 5 powerful books...

This study on how to effectively lead others into the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

This study is about my search for the gifts of the Spirit

This study on prophecy is a powerful tool to equip a church

This study is about how to study healing in a way that releases faith

This study is about how to study deliverance in balanced way.

The Root of Pride

A Study Course about Pride and Humility

There are different kinds of pride, some of which are obnoxious both to God and man, but believe it or not there is a kind of pride that will help make us truly successful.

Discipleship Training

A Study Course For the Winter of 2021

Not everyone can sit in on the class we have going at the Discipleship House this year, but the next best thing would be to follow the teaching we film each day and get the studies we provide by taking this online study course.


This study course was written for those who are in conflict - but who want to grow their way out of it.

We all have relationship struggles. That does not surprise Jesus. What I think surprises Him is how poorly we are at resolving them when He taught so much about it. This course is made up of five of my best books on the subject, each one filled with practical wisdom you can do right now. The goal is to come out the other side looking more like Jesus.

Feeling Called?

A study course about what you can do about it right now

Many people feel called but are not sure what to do about it. In this study course I offer five of my best books to help point you in the right direction, with practical things you can do now right where you are.

One of the most important books I have written...

This book was written to help people get ready to stand before the Lord. We must all do this when we are called forward to give an account for how we lived our lives on Earth. Paul eagerly looked forward to this moment, living now in light of eternity, and so should we. Learn how in this exciting study.

This study guide is over 100 pages in length and is now available as a study course.


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