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Download this catalog of all the books Penn has published so far and a look at what is in the works

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This book is at the printers now... but you can order it today and we will mail your copy to you hot off the press... or you can get an eBook version now to see what it is all about.

This book contains a number of insights that I have never seen before in other books about revival.


It is a practical perspective, containing relevant revelation!

This booklet is about 90

pages in length and is now available for $5.99

Now available in print

I have spent all of my ministry either planting churches or helping others to do the same and happened to keep track of the things that produced fruit.


I have also learned from the things that hurt or hindered growth as well, which made me even more diligent to do whatever it took to ensure His blessing.


I filed away whatever I had learned over the last 40 years, knowing that someday I would write this book, which describes the church of my heart. As I talk to people, I find that everyone has a church of their heart. Even non-believers tell me what they think the church should be like. Well, this is my vision of what  the church be like.


I wish someone had written this kind of book when I was just starting out.


This would be a good study for a leadership team to work through, or for a small group to study, as they try to sort out what the ideal church looks like.


While we don’t always get it right nor do we do everything outlined here all the time, it has helped us keep our focus on the values and vision that we want to live up to.

New Releases...


as an eBook

According to Hebrews 6:1-3, repentance is one of the most elementary doctrines of the church, yet as a pastor, I am often surprised by how little people seem to know about real repentance.I cannot remember the last time I heard it clearly laid out clearly in a sermon, other than to say that we should do it. While we have become fairly good at acknowledgingour sins, but we are not that great at repenting. I often hear Christians acknowledging wrongdoing, both to God, to themselves, and sometimes even to each other, but if repentance were a mile-long journey down the road, acknowledgment would only be the first step; asking for forgiveness would be another step, but neither of these are all there is to repentance.

Christians often confuse the issues of asking for forgiveness with repentance. The proof that we have not repented lies in the fact that we repeatedly ask God for forgiveness while continuing to do what we have acknowledged as being wrong in the first place. In Luke 3:1-14, John described repentance as doing the opposite of what they were doing wrong.


    In this little booklet, we explore what repentance looks like in real life. You may find that the reason we keep doing what we are doing is because we have not repented in the first place. 


This is 60-page booklet is a companion to Personal Revival and Shipwrecked on the Way to Heaven. It is in the process of being edited, but a first draft will be available soon. You can pre-order it by writing to me.


Our Books...

Following the Eyes of Your Heart

A Life-Changing Book

This is a beautifully printed book, 8.5 X 11, with 170 pages.


$20.00 plus $3.00 S/H.

It is also available as an eBook


as an eBook

Don’t change churches without reading this book first.


It could save you and your family a lot of stress.


I have met many people who are adrift in the Body because they lost their way when they changed churches. They did it the wrong way for the wrong reasons and it cost them much in terms of spiritual growth.


The Lord does not mind our changing churches, as it is all His Body, but He does care about howand whywe do it. In this book we explore the right way to change churches and give a list of reasons why we should.


This study will also help pastors trust the Lord to grow their churches without having to resort to the kinds of things that actually hurt church growth.


It also addresses the subject of church growth from a fresh Biblical perspective.

This eBook is

now available

This study guide was written to help you or your church become the prophetic people God has always longed for. This is both a practical and profound study exploring the various levels of prophecy that is available today.

This study guide is over 100 pages in length and is now available for $6.99

This eBook will soon

be available

This book was written to help people get ready to stand before the Lord. We must all do this when we are called forward to give an account for how we lived our lives on Earth. Paul eagerly looked forward to this moment, living now in light of eternity, and so should we. Learn how in this exciting study.

This study guide is over 100 pages in length and is now available in a test edition $5.00




We all go through lots of warfare and are often in conflict with people. If you are looking for a gift that will give life to someone who has been going through it, especially your pastor, I recommend that you have us send them the following books this holiday season:


1. Jesus in Warfare was written with pastors in mind. As I studied Jesus' life from a spiritual warfare point of view, I noticed how He was in constant warfare from conception to the cross, but He navigated it with grace and taught His disciples how to do the same.


2. Stopping the Mouths of Lions is a book that addresses how the war that takes place in our heads. I not only describe what it is like but gives proven ways to deal with whatever the enemy has been saying to us in the fog of war.

3. Communion on the Moon is a revelation that has helped change the way I see people, especially my beloved enemies. While I don’t take communion to remember what Jesus did for me, I do take it to remember what He did for those who don’t like me.


4. Levels of Forgiveness is a concept that the Lord gave me after a challenging time in my life and ministry, which probably saved both. People are buying these six and eight copies at a time because of the powerful and practical revelation it contains.


You can purchase these books individually, or have them sent as a bundle of books in time for Christmas, for $60.00 (US) with free S/H over the holidays... just click here

A book from a guest author

Norman D. Morrison

This book was written by a friend of mine, Norman Morrison, who wondered what it would be like to sit down and have a conversation with the apostle Paul. The questions are Norm's but the answers come straight from the pen of Paul. This is a unique approach to seeing scripture, which should excite every disciple. 

This book is available here for $21.99 plus S/H and is available in Canada directly from the author.



If you want to study a book as a small group or Bible Study, and order 5 or more, we will give you a discount.  



When I was a young disciple someone from church bought me an entire series of books. It really blessed me. You can do the same thing, and we will help by giving you a discount on our entire series of books. Just write us an email and we will work with you  to invest in someone's spiritual life.


Just let us know if you would like to donate a set of our books to your church library and we will give you a special rate.  



After you get permission from your pastor, we will stock a book table for you to manage at your church or special event. Just email us and we will work with you to get these books into your sphere of influence.

Download this catalog of all the books Penn has published so far and a look at what is in the works

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